PBI Height Safety

Fall Arrest & Protection Systems

Innovative cable and rail safety systems providing versatile work restraint or fall arrest solutions with uninterrupted hands-free access for total height safety.

Abseil & Facade Access Solutions

Using safety in design, we offer a range of needle, anchor or rail solutions to ensure safe and economic abseil systems and facade access solutions.

Access Solutions

We don't just keep you safe when working at height - we help you get there. Ladders, guardrails and walkways all form part of our total height safety solution.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Our PPE solutions allow for total protection when working at height. Harnesses, helmets, rope lines and more.


Our Services

How we help you

Consultation & Risk Assessment
Explore how we work with you to identify your projects hazards, their risks and subsequent height
Solution Design
Discover how PBI’s Design Team will create a bespoke and fit for purpose height safety solution
PBI Design Service
Project Management & Installation
Understand our Project Management & Installation process that ensures quality and complete satisfaction every time.  
Certification & Recertification – Systems & PPE
Learn how to comply with AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 through certification &  recertification of systems and PPE.  
Manufacturers Product Warranty
Read about warranties, their Terms & Conditions and your requirements to ensure the warranty remain valid.
Health & Safety at Work Act 2015
Understand “work at height” & your requirements under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.



Simon Hughes
Head of Design
Simon has over 20 years experience working within the construction industry providing estimation and project management. His vast knowledge of the height safety industry enables him to develop

+64 21 246 3854


Julian Faulkner
Head of Operations
Julian’s extensive industry knowledge has helped cement solid relationships with NZ’s leading architects & engineers enabling him to provide the best solutions for all types of structures. Julian’s

+64 21 244 8553


Alan Marquet
Recertification Operations Manager
With over 15 years of re-certifcation experience throughout NZ and overseas, Alan heads up our team of recertification consultants and manages our client asset/ project portfolios for recertication

+64 21 841 012


Elder Robati
Project Consultant
Elder thrives in a collaborative working environment, unswerving in his commitment to the best outcome and working to the highest level of integrity. With 5 years in the

+64 22 036 5990


Justin Earl
Project Consultant
Justin has spent 10 years working in the Auckland construction market and 15 years working hands on in specialist trades. Skilled in project management, labour management, specifying and

+64 21 545 092


Carl Sherwood
Quantity Surveyor
Carl is a versatile and accomplished quantity surveyor and advisor in both pre and post contract phases of industrial projects spanning from the UK and New Zealand. Carl

+64 22 405 4845


Paddy McGowan
National Operations Manager
Paddy comes from an extensive construction background covering residential, commercial and civil sectors. Paddy’s experience brings highly accurate attention to detail with project delivery and health & safety.

+64 22 658 0300


Shaun Wilson
Project Manager
Shaun has an extensive history in the height industry which spans over 14 years and includes abseiling, installation, construction & project management. With his comprehensive industry knowledge of

+64 21 900 909



Frequently Asked Questions

Moving from one level to another - typically rapidly and without control. A fall can occur above and below ground.
"Working in Restraint" or "Restraint Technique" is a method to control a person's movement by physically preventing the person from reaching a position at which there is a risk of a fall. Often the person is secured into a harness that is connected to an anchorage or lifeline system by a lanyard. It must be set up to prevent the wearer from reaching an unprotected edge.
The pendulum effect is very serious potential hazard when working at height. Pendulum effect occurs through a lack of anchorage (or poor anchorage positioning). Should a fall occur, pendulum effect is the swinging and lateral movement - aka pendulum swing - that could occur. In the process of serious injury can result by striking objects like the structure or the ground,
In simple terms, fall arrest is a control measure. Fall arrest can describe a position prior to a fall, during a fall and after a fall. Being in fall arrest prior to fall means restraint technique is no longer possible and there is potential for a fall to occur. Fall arrest during a fall refers to the action of a system(s) arresting your fall, i.e limiting your fall. Once a fall has occurred, fall arrest reflects the state of being, i.e. the condition of being stopped and/or inactive.

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