Christchurch Transport Exchange

Architect: Architectus

Contractor: Southbase Construction

Location: Christchurch, NZ


With a complex roofline and multiple steep roofing planes intercepted by skylights, this building required a method to access all areas of the steep roofs, external/internal guttering, and glass veranda areas for maintenance and cleaning.


Respecting the architects’ bold, modern design, PBI installed a roof steps, handrails and walkways to main trafficable areas, the steps were powdercoated to blend into the roofing design. Roofsafe Cable was installed to the flat roof areas, and Anchors onto the steep roofs, at times challenging the installation team to find a safe work method to complete the install- while in fall restraint at all times!

Christchurch_Bus_Exchange_1 Christchurch_Bus_Exchange_2 Christchurch_Bus_Exchange_3 Christchurch_Bus_Exchange_4