3M 8mm Horizontal Lifeline (HLL)

A robust, structurally mounted, permanent 8mm Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) with a range of wall, roof and overhead application options.


Specs & Details

  • Key features

Providing continuous attachment and full pass through design, the innovative traveller simply glides through the intermediate anchors ensuring no disconnected is required.

Wall and Floor Applications

  • Designed for use on modern building projects, refurbishments and industrial safety applications.
  • Can be fitted to steel beams, concrete and brickwork.
  • Suitable for use on older roof constructions in conjunction with fabricated anchor posts.
  • Minimal moving parts and high-grade materials ensure long life expectancy, low cost of ownership that add up to a sound investment.

Overhead Applications

  • Targeted to meet the needs of transport and industrial applications.
  • Specifically designed for work at height on trains, trucks, aircraft, crane walkways, loading bays and in the entertainment and stadium industry.
  • Supports heavy fall arrest, self-retracting lifelines and controlled rate descent devices up to 33.1 lbs - ensuring free and unhindered movement for workers when carrying out work at height.
  • Allows up to 200 ft. single span for one user and up to 100 ft. single span for multiple users.

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Our products are manufactured in ISO-9001 accredited factories. All systems are marked CE complaint and confirm to all relevant AS/NZS and EN standards.


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  • 3M 8mm HLL Technical Data Sheet
  • 3M 8mm HLL Product Brochure

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