3M L4550 Abseil Anchor Point

Permanent low-profile purlin mounted abseil and fall arrest anchor. 


Specs & Details

  • Key features
  • Technical Information
  • Purlin mounted – steel purlins.
  • Low profile design.
  • Ideal for both residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Attachment type: bolt.
  • Large anchorage eye - making attachment simple and quick.
  • Abseil and fall arrest anchor point.
  • Durable corrosion resistant construction.
  • Easy installation.
  • Complete kit with all assembly/installation component.


Weight 0.95kg
Dimensions 65mm from pan
Capacity 1 user (136kg)
Rating 15kN
Standards AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 & AS/NZS5532


  • Prior to use, all anchors should be inspected to ensure that they are in serviceable condition and have not been damaged or used to arrest a fall. If damage is visible or if there is any doubt about the anchors safe condition, immediately contact the PBI Height Safety.
  • Do not make any alterations or additions to the product without prior, written consent from PBI Height Safety.
  • All anchor devices should be used for personal use only and not for material use. Always check the anchor rating is suitable before use.
  • For the L4550, L4551 and L4552 purlin anchors to be installed and acceptable for use, the roof sheeting must be attached directly to the purlin. The anchor will not be acceptable if there is any item (i.e. top hat or insulation spacer) fitted between the roof sheeting and the purlin.
  • Provided the anchor passes inspection criteria and certification procedures, it may remain in service.
  • All roof anchors are required to be inspected by a competent person and recertified annually or more frequently as required or if used in highly corrosive environments. Further details can be obtained from AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 or by contacting PBI Height Safety.
  • All roof anchors can be installed during roof construction or retrofitted from above or below the roof sheeting any time after construction.
  • Suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) to be worn while using all roof anchors.

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Our products are manufactured in ISO-9001 accredited factories. All systems are marked CE complaint and confirm to all relevant AS/NZS and EN standards.


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