3M RoofSafe™ Surface Mounted Aluminium Rail Static Line

3M RoofSafe™ RoofSafe Rail is a high-quality, aluminum rail safety system suited for all building projects and maintenance.

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A proprietary system attaches directly to the roof sheeting. TheRoofSafe™ Rail system offers exceptional functionality due to the innovative, hands-free traveler, is capable of navigating corners, changes of direction, and roof slopes, ensuring continuous safe roof access and providing complete design flexibility. 


RoofSafe™ Rail's discrete low-profile design provides an unobtrusive safety anchorage solution, ensuring a building's appearance is not spoilt by highly visible anchor points and cables. Roffsafe Rail provides a safety anchorage system for multiple users, allowing more complex maintenance tasks to be undertaken in an efficient manner, including suspended rope access work.


RoofSafe™ Rail is designed to be fixed discreetly to the metal roof sheeting. Even load distribution through the fixing system ensures complete safety in the event of a single user fall without damaging the integrity of the roof system. The solid nature of the anchorage ensures no deflection or unnecessary loading of anchor points during use and makes the system especially beneficial on roofs with a  pitch of more than 15 degrees.


Conforms to AS/NZS 1891.2:2001 - Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices - Horizontal lifeline and rail systems, AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 - Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices - Selection, user and maintenance, AS/NZS 4488.2:1997 Industrial Rope Acess Systems - selection use and maintenance, designed for and tested on most roof types, has been designed to withstand a 15kN load.




Installation must be carried out by an Accredited 3M Fall Protection, and in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions for service mounted systems. Metal roofs must have a minimum BMT of 0.42mm, aluminum roofs must have a minimum BMT of 0.90mm.


As per AS/NZS 1891.4 RoofSafe™ Rail must be certified every 12 months by an Accredited 3M Fall Protection Certification technician. All of the exposed materials in the system have been specified as naturally corrosion-resistant, or have been coated with sacrificial coatings to prevent oxidization of the base material. It is important to consider that in some environments the system may need to be cleaned to gain the best possible life expectancy from the materials.


The RoofSafe™ Abseil Rail System has a product warranty of 10 years from the date of installation. The warranty is invalidated if inspections are not maintained every 12 months by an Accredited 3M Protection Certification Technician. The warranty does not cover equipment damage resulting from wear, abuse, damage in transit, failure to maintain the product, or other damage beyond the control of 3M. When installed in harsh conditions, e.g. in wet, dusty, abrasive, or corrosive environments, (near the ocean for example), the system shall be inspected more frequently (6-monthly).


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  • 3M RoofSafe Rail Product Brochure
  • 3M RoofSafe Rail Specification Guide
  • 3M DBI-SALA Horizontal Rail Safety System Warranty
  • PBI 3M RoofSafe Abseil Rail system Specification Sheet PDF

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