Bomac Altrac Overhead Rail System

Altrac is a lightweight, low-maintenance, attractive, adaptable and safety tested rail system that can be tailored to almost any application.

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Altrac is a lightweight, low-maintenance, attractive, adaptable and safety tested rail system that can be tailored to almost any application.

Altrac is strong, flexible and easy to install, a cost effective solution in a multitude of applications.

Altrac is extruded from aluminium extracted and smelted in Australia. Each batch of Altrac is NATA certified having undergone chemical and mechanical analysis to ensure the highest quality.

T slots on the top face of the extrusion allow for a wide range of mounting options to cater for variations in heights, lengths and angle. The circular rolling track section does not become contaminated by the build-up of dirt, dust or foreign matter and can be easily inspected and cleaned as required.

Altrac is available in lengths up to 12m may easily be extended with the use of a simple splice kit.

Altrac is used by hundreds of organisations around Australia in industries as diverse as manufacturing, tourism, education and construction.


  • High tensile strength - tested to Australian Standards
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight - Less than 7kg per metre
  • Pre-engineered for modular assembly. Altrac has been designed for ease of installation as a bolt together system
  • Smooth lines - Altrac has been used in architectural design for building projects
  • No unsightly stain marks from rust
  • The rounded surface of the track does not become contaminated by the build up of dirt and dust - ideal for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications
  • Track may be extended at a later date or even taken down and moved to new facilities
  • Altrac may be supplied in one continuous length up to 12m. Lengths can be easily connected to the required size
  • No welding, no fire/safety hazard at time of installation
  • Time saving on installation and maintenance
  • Only basic tools required, no welders, no special widgets
  • May be supplied in curved sections to suit application as a monorail or gantry crane.

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Our products are manufactured in ISO-9001 accredited factories. All systems are marked CE complaint and confirm to all relevant AS/NZS and EN standards.


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