Rostek Concealable Horizontal Monorail

Concealable monorail system that can be mounted into the building ceiling or soffit in order to access interior and exterior facades.


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PBI has access to a wide range of monorail products and offer the best ft for purpose design solutions on the market. No building is too complex or unconventional. All of Rostek’s monorails can be fitted indoors and outdoors.

Rostek’s Concealable Monorail Access System is an ideal solution when the monorail needs to be top mounted or concealed into the building. It is possible to mount the monorail into the building ceiling, soffit in order to access interior and exterior facade or to the parapet of a building to conceal it or to promote the architectural design.

RS110 and RS162 concealable tracks are used for Rostek monorail systems. They are designed to support suspended access equipment according to EN1808 and gantries. It is possible to conceal the track into the ceiling or the soffit of a building. Both of the tracks are fastened to brackets from the top. It is important to note that only Rostek trolleys can be used with the Rostek Concealable tracks.

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Our products are manufactured in ISO-9001 accredited factories. All systems are marked CE complaint and confirm to all relevant AS/NZS and EN standards.


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