Rostek Armstrong, Roca & Roca High Body Roof Trolleys

Rostek's light roof trolleys are an excellent solution for providing suspended stage access while also being able to hide the rails from sight.


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Rostek's roof trolleys offer a non-visual facade access solution for every building. The roof trolley does not disturb facade aesthetics as it is hidden on the top of the building. Therefore, the roof trolley system is chosen if monorails are not accepted on the facade.


Roof trolleys are used in conjunction with a Rostek BMU cradle or suspended platform. Thanks to the low weight of the roof trolley it is well suited for light roof structures. The roof trolley is traversing on Rostek aluminum tracks which can be bent according to the building shape. Rostek Roof Trolleys can be used in all environments and conditions; from snow to sun. Roof trolleys can be painted to a colour of your choice.


Lightweight aluminum tracks are installed on top of the roof structure. Three roof trolleys are available.

The Roka roof trolley has a fixed reach of 1300mm and has a maximum working load limit of 700kg.

The Roca Highbody has a fixed reach of 1295mm and has a maximum working load limit of 700kg. The Roca Highbody is particularly suited to situations where you need to lift the access stage above the roof to move to another elevation or park the stage on the roof.

The Armstrong roof trolley has an adjustable reach of 600-1400mm and has a maximum working load limit of 700kg.

All trolleys require 3 phase power and can be folded back when not in use.


Rostek Roof Trolleys are designed to carry suspended access equipment according to EN1808.



Installation must be carried out by Rostek certified installation companies and in accordance with all manufacturer requirements.


As per AS/NZS 1891.4 the Rostek Roof Trolley must be certified every 12 months by an Accredited Rostek Certification technician. All of the exposed materials in the system have been specified as naturally corrosion-resistant, or have been coated with sacrificial coatings to prevent oxidization of the base material. It is important to consider that in some environments the system may need to be cleaned to gain the best possible life expectancy from the materials.


Rostek grants a warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase. The warranty covers; defects in material, defects in workmanship, anti-corrosion coating defects.


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