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PBI Height Safety Ltd

We cover the country, keeping NZ safely up where we belong.

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PBI Outside HI RES1

Zero Linostop Rope Adjuster


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0941 02 Golden Top Evo Alu

CAMP Rope Access Harness

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026 AlbanelloPage28
accessoires leader

Manta Multi-Role Rescue Helmet

Multi Standard safety helmet for work at heights, tactical, technical, ATV, maritime, rescue and emergency applications.

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2256 Turbo Chest Image 2

CAMP Turbochest Abseil Ascender

New innovation from the best of Italian design, for more efficient ropework.

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Zero Use Only

Roofsafe Fall Arrest Cable System

Compliance & certainty for work at height

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Roofsafe Cable Hugh 16

PBI Systems 100% Compliant & Legal

Do not allow any company to fraudulently remove PBI installed systems

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PPE Products

Huge selection of PPE gear including Zero and CAMP brands. See our full range here.

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Abseil Needle2

Proprietary Systems and Anchor Points

Experts with global brand fall arrest, abseil systems and anchor points. Compliant solutions

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PBI has installations providing compliance on a large range of buildings nationwide.

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Featured Products

1265 Gravity Front

CAMP Gravity Ergonomic Safety Harness

Complies to EN 358 and EN 361, AS/NZS 1891  Specialised design for the ultimate user comfort, this new design harness is more like wearing your favourite vest than a safety harness. Ergonomic, lightweight...

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Zero Plus Tradesman Harness

AS/NZS 1891.1:2007. EN 361, EN 1497, CE The Zero Plus Tradesman Harness provides all the comfort and benefits of Zero Plus range. This popular harness is ideal for construction work, roofers, vertical climbing...

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Actsafe 1

Actsafe ACCII Power Ascender

A revolution in working at height and depth The battery powered ActSafe ACC II power ascender enables revolutionary working methods for safe and ergonomic work at height. The working methods that becomes possible when...

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Zero Plus Tradesman Harness with Positioning Belt

AS/NZS 1891.1:2007. EN 361, EN 1497, CE. The Zero Plus Tradesman Harness with positioning belt provides all the comfort and benefits of Zero Plus range. This popular harness is ideal for construction work, roofers,...

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Manta Extreme Multi-Role Helmet

EN14052:2005 High performance safety helmet PAS 028:2002 Marine safety helmet FS/1 Quad & ATV helmet EN1384 Equestrian helmet EN352-3:1997 Hearing protection EN166:2002 Industrial eye protection EN12492 Working at height / Mountaineering EN397 (Flame  Resistance) NFPA1951:2007 Protective ensembles for technical rescue NFPA1952:2010 Surface Water...

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0209 visiera

CAMP Skylor Plus Helmet with Ear Protection & Mesh Visor

EN 397 An innovative industrial ABS Helmet designed to offer maximum versatility and comfort. Includes integrated, high quality ear protectors and protective visor. Fitted with Rockman Class 5 Ear Protectors, EN 352-3 Rockman Protective Visor,...

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Zero Plus Works Rescue Harness

AS/NZS 1891.1:2007. EN 361, EN 1497, CE A favourite with emergency services and rope access technicians, the Zero Plus Works Rescue Harness is a tried and proven workhorse that can be used in...

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Zero Plus ISOL Linesman Harness

AS/NZS 1891.1:2007. EN 361, EN 1497, CE The Zero Plus Isol Linesman Harness provides all the comfort and benefits of Zero Plus Rope Access Harness but includes specially isolated metal parts to protect...

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0670 4

CAMP Armour Work Helmet

EN12492 (rated for multiple blows and non-releasing chin strap) CAMP Armour Work Helmet is a new updated helmet for work at height offering protection from multiple blows sustained by a fall from height. Now...

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Zero Plus Construction Harness

1891.1,EN 361, EN 358, EN 813, CE.  The Zero Plus Rope Access Harness provides all the comfort and benefits of Zero Plus range and is ideal for general rope access and abseil, as...

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0220 rosso

CAMP Silver Star Work Helmet

EN 397 CAMP Silver Star Helmet is ideal for industrial use with rugged good looks. Suitable for height safety and applications where chinstrap must be equipped with an emergency release. Durable ABS industrial helmet...

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Zero Plus IsoTower Harness

AS/NZS 1891.1:2007. EN 361, EN 358, EN813, CE The Zero Plus Tower Harness is a revolutionary new and ergonomic design that combines the practical Tower design with electrical isolating and rescue features.  This...

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Zero Plus Abseil Harness

AS/NZS 1891.1:2007t. EN 361, EN 358, EN 813, CE Designed for specialist rope access technicians and work positioning, the Zero Plus Abseil Harness is streamlined in style, for agility and comfort for the...

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Armour Lady Pnk

CAMP Armour Lady Helmet

EN 12492 Smaller version of the Armour to provide a better fit for women. CAMP Armour Lady Helmet delivers a precise fit, superior protection and with striking graphics. Suitable for height safety and applications...

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Z+TH 050 frontfullropergbweb2

Zero Plus Professional Treetop Harness

AS/NZS 1891.1:2007. EN 358, EN 813, CE The Zero Plus Professional Treetop Harness is the result of extensive collaboration and work with specialist arborist teams. The specifically designed arbour harness has added features to suit...

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2198 99

CAMP Rescue Kit Druid Evo

Components all comply to EN standards and certified PPE. *2198 rope 20m  $992* *2199 rope 50m   $1139* European quality rescue kit with hoist to lift the injured person after a fall, release the...

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2196 97

CAMP Rescue Kit Druid

Components all comply to EN standards and are certified PPE. *Code; 2196, 20m* *            2197, 50m* Druid Rescue Kit is a simple and effective rescue device. The rescuer...

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2232 back

Druid Descender

Self-braking descender.Compact and lightweight rope access and rescue, for semi-static ropes 10 to 11 mm. Lever with locking anti-panic function, for a security incomparable to all users. Body and lever in robust aluminum alloy forged, mechanical...

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Druid Pro Descender

Self-braking descender from CAMP for the professional. Compact and lightweight rope access and rescue, for semi-static ropes 10 to 11 mm. Lever without locking function for anti-panic, designed for experienced users or work on inclined...

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Z 30Sfrontfullrgbweb

Zero Utility Harness with Standard Buckles

AS/NZS 1891.1:2007, CE. EN 361 General purpose harness with front and back attachment points. Fully adjustable with standard buckles. Dorsal extension. Karabiner provided with front attachment loops. Suitable for general tradesperson, construction workers, roofing, vertical...

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global innovation, local knowledge. let's talk height safety.


PBI Height Safety is the expert nationwide provider of compliant solutions for a zero harm environment at height. Global innovation; local knowledge; strength, integrity and safety-  these are core values that with the technical expertise of our qualified team,  ensure total confidence and compliance for working at height.

NZ's market leader for total fall protection and height safety consulting, innovation, installation and distribution of engineered safety systems, accessways and ppe equipment, pbi height safety is proudly 100% new zealand owned and operated.


PBI Height Safety Ltd is the only company in NZ that specialises totally in height safety and fall protection, with a dedicated focus of 'creating a zero harm environment for the fall protection industry'. Safety is our concern, creating peace of mind for the buidling professionals, owners and employers whilst ensuring that workers can comfortably and efficiently do their job without compromising safety. Totally kiwi owned and operated, our growth and expansion has positioned pbi as nz's leading fall protection equipment specialist in an industry dominated in nz by international companies.


Experts in the market and offering the complete package of certified height safety equipment,  our professional service starts with an initial consultancy through to supply and  installation of the innovative, engineered and fully certified safety systems, complete with training.  Keeping current with high quality safety technology from around the globe is a priority, all of our products are fully compliant with relevant nz safety guidelines and government legislation.

The range of services provided by PBI Height Safety includes consultancy, risk assessment, ensuring fall protection, installing height safety systems, engineering design for difficult and unique situations, custom fabrications, system installations, iqp testing and certification, training employees in the use of specialist systems and ongoing inspection and maintenance. A vast product range is stocked, including fixed line systems both horizontal and vertical, safety harnesses, anchor points, abseil gear, accessways, evacuation & rescue equipment, energy absorbing lanyards, connectors, fall arresters complimented with product and safety training.

PBI Height Safety commenced business  in the late 1990’s specialising in a height safety equipment range including full body harnesses, lanyards and associated ppe equipment.  Since 2001, PBI's services have included the  supply, installation and certification of permanent horizontal and vertical safety life line systems, anchor points and accessways. With pbi’s extensive range of products we can guarantee a permanent life line system that meets your budget, design needs and architectural requirements- both on new or existing structures. Along with this we can provide the correct ppe equipment that correlates with the application for a complete ‘total height access solution’.

Continuing our growth & expansion as NZ's leading height safety specialist, we welcome all existing & prospective clients. Take care.



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