Kingspan Safepro2 Surface Mounted Cable Static Lifeline

A high-strength anchor and cable system with energy-absorbing posts that limit the fall arrest load to less than 6kN.

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Kingspan's SafePro2 Surface Mounted Cable Static Lifeline has been designed for use across all types of Kingspan Insulated Roof Panels.


Kingspan SafePro2 Surface Mounted Cable Static Line is designed to be installed on the building roof. The system is typically used where the operative is required to move laterally over a significant distance whilst staying connected. The system provides fall protection for operatives doing a range of activities including roof wash downs, installing & maintaining HVAC air conditioning units, general maintenance, or gutter cleaning. The fall arrest system is designed to support and hold a person in the event of a fall.


In the event of a fall, the anchor breaks open, deploying the unique and patented Force Management Technology absorbing system which reduces the forces generated on the roof structure to less than 610kg. (6kN). In the unlikely event that the anchor is deployed, it is possible to remove the module and replace it with a new one. SafePro2 Cable requires less training and experience compared to single anchor points making it one of the safest systems to use. 


SafePro2 Surface Mounted Cable Static Lifeline meets AS/NZS 1891.2:2001 - Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices - Horizontal lifeline and rail systems safety standards, AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 - Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices - Selection, use, and maintenance, designed for and tested on most roof types, EN 795 and OHSA 1926. SafePro2 roof anchors incorporate Force Minimisation Technology, which limits the load transferred to the roof, in a fall arrest event, to let than 6Kn.




Installation must be carried out by a manufacturer-trained technician who is familiar with the parameters of fall arrest systems.


As per AS/NZS 1891.4 SafePro2 cable must be certified every 12 months by a qualified height safety equipment inspector. All of the exposed materials in the system have been specified as naturally corrosion-resistant, or have been coated with sacrificial coatings to prevent oxidization of the base material. It is important to consider that in some environments the system may need to be cleaned to gain the best possible life expectancy from the materials.


SafePro2 cable system has a product warranty of 10 years from the date of installation. The warranty is invalidated if inspections are not maintained every 12 months by a qualified height safety equipment inspector. 


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